• My great-great-grandfather, George "Pop" Murphy, started a fresh poultry company in Charlotte over 70 years ago. Many of his children were involved in the family business, and in the early 1960s two of his grandsons spun off to start a new poultry company, Piedmont Poultry. Later renamed to Prestige Farms, the company has grown by dedicating itself to providing superior products and services as well as offering competitive prices to local restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. Prestige Farms now produces over 1 million pounds of fresh poultry products each week, services over 2000 customers in 7 states, and this is the same quality product we offer our customers.

  • All of the chicken we offer is an All Natural product, hormone and steroid free, and has no added sodium or preservatives. The chickens are raised cage-free in temperature-controlled houses with access to fresh air at all times. The feed consists of high-quality corn and soybeans supplemented by natural vitamins. The primary products offered are fresh boneless, skinless 6-ounce chicken breast, whole chickens, cut wings, boneless thighs, and frozen (uncooked) pre-breaded chicken tenders (many other items are available by request). Customers note the significant quality difference versus traditional ‘grocery store’ chicken. Standard national brand chicken is typically produced from a very large bird that creates oversized, abnormally thick, and tough products. All of our products come from “traditionally sized” birds (3-5 lb chickens) which cook up easier and taste better. Additionally, many do not know that grocery stores often freeze their ‘fresh’ chicken at temperatures as low as 26 degrees (which the USDA/FIS still defines as ‘fresh’) and often offer a product that is injected with up to a 15% salt water solution.

  • Both myself (Cameron Thompson) and my buisness partner Tyler Swartz are rising seniors at Broughton High School in downtown Raleigh. We are carrying on my great-grandfather's legacy by bringing a better tasting product to families in our community. We are excited to help grow a long-standing North Carolina poultry processor by offering their superior products to a broader, home-based audience. It also gives us an opportunity to get out and explore the great communities in Raleigh while earning money to help pay for our future college education. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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